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The Apartheid of South Africa

Apartheid is Dutch and means "living apart". Apartheid was a system that the white people in South Africa, which absolutely had all the power, introduced. The whites were the minority of the country, but still they felt they where better humans than The Africans, The Indians and The Colored. Or at least they wanted to keep their power, because South Africa is a very resource rich country. So basically business became a bigger deal than human lives.
The Police (not Sting and those guys), the soldiers and the government where white, and to keep it that way, they just introduced a law that said that only white people could vote at the elections.
People where ranked after there race, here is the order:

Race rankings

The Whites
The Indians
The Colored
The Blacks

Some of the laws

Everything that we see as essential common facilities today, in Denmark for example was reserved for The Whites. Cinemas, trains, beaches, schools and even benches were divided in white, and non-white. So that a black man could be thrown in prison for laying on a white beach.
Even love wouldn't be tolerated by the apartheid system. It was illegal for blacks and whites to marry, and even an innocent kiss between a black and a white person was illegal.
When the apartheid system was introduced, all the other races than whites were forced to move to poor parts of the cities, to make space for the whites. Even though the non-whites had good jobs, and had money enough to live in their houses. These places of the city were called townships. Those who lived in these townships where forced to stay there, but if they really wanted to travel, they could only leave the township for three days. With them, they had to carry a passport, that said which race they where, and which township they belonged to, and when they had to be back again.
Of course, the schools where not mixed between the races. And at the white schools, the pupils got the best education, from the best teachers. Most black kids didn't get any education, but even if they were smart kids which, despite bad teacher, classified into university, they where in most of the cases not allowed to get in.


Of cause this unfairness couldn't go on, and people started trying to change the apartheid system. Not only blacks, but people of all races, even a few whites. A political organization called The ANC, which is short for African National Congress was ready to fight against the injustice. The ANC is still the most famous resistance movement, of the time with apartheid. The ANC was born in 1912.
The ANC wasn't a violent political organization, but they still had great influence at that time. They encouraged people to break the apartheid laws, by lying on a white beach or use a white bench. These things don’t seem like very effective, but it was very important in the fight against apartheid.

The government answered back by throwing people in jail, and in some cases they killed them, even though they where peaceful demonstrators.
That resulted in that The ANC, in 1961 began to use weapons in their struggle against the government.
The people of the ANC fought the police and military like soldiers, and blew up factories.

Not only adults wanted to fight the injustice, and in 1976 some kids in Soweto started their own fight. Soweto is a township outside of Johannesburg in South Africa where it today is estimated that around two million Africans are crowded together in miserable conditions.
The kids of the Soweto protested in the streets, by dancing and singing songs against apartheid. But the singing and dancing had to come to an end, and what would be easier than shooting the poor kids? So that, the police did. And after that episode, the protesting took speed, and all around the country people started doing what they could to bring down the apartheid system.
Many, many people where killed, or put in prison. Some, only nine years old.



In the 1980s the apartheid system was in very bad weather, and symbolic South Africa weren't invited to the Olympic Games, and the Soccer World Cup. Almost all countries around the world stopped trading and supporting South Africa and the apartheid government. In 1991 the Apartheid system surrendered, and in 1994 there was the first free election. The people choose the ANC, and they gave everybody equal rights.

When the Apartheid system, where everything was black or white ended, Nelson Mandela the leader of the ANC, who had become president, wouldn't take revenge and do the same mistakes as the white people had done. So together with the former president Frederik de Klerk, he decided that everybody in South Africa should have equal rights. The "Rainbow Nation" as he called it, was born.
The day of the election was a celebration that South Africa will never forget. People of all colors where standing in lines with each other, and the oppressed people where dancing and singing of happiness.




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