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The 18 july, 1918, a great man was born. He's name was Nelson Mandela (In Souht Africa Madiba) Infact he first began to be named Nelson, when he started in school, where his teacher could not pronounce his real name, so she said to him that, that was now he's name. He was born in a small village. He's dad had 4 wives and 9 children. When his dad got sick, the dad sent him over to the cheif, where the dad was he's adviser. Here Nelson Mandela was raised to be the cheifs son's adviser. The son had the same age as Mandela. They became good friends. Nelson started in a great school for blacks. You see, on that time i south Africa, Black and whites were DEVAIL, there was differents busses, differents waitings-rooms, black was low-class. When the cheif's son had to get marry with somebody he did not wanted to marry, Mandela and him ran away too Johannesburg. In Johannesburg there was not a lot of work for black people. And when his friend, the cheif's son was brought back, Mandela end up living in a black ghetto and unemployed. A nice family gave Mandela a nice meal once a week and Mandela fall in love with the nice family daughter. But she had a boyfriend, and he was a smart guy. Mandela knew he did not had a chance. But he began working in a lawoffice and at night he study law. The man who had hired Mandela could see that Mandela was clever and that he was going a place. But Mandela had other things on his mind and he began in ANC, the African National Congress, and began to get politics involved. The man who had hired him wanted him, but Mandela wanted to fight for his people! In ANC they were using strikes and civil disobedince to try to change the system in South Africa. In 1952 Mandela was leading a non-violent campaign, inspired by Gandhi. The Goverment began to be very annoying and the goverment did everything they could to stop "the known troublemakers"  So they were trying to get them out of Johannesburg with a law, but Mandela was refusing to move. In the fifties Mandela was arrested many times. After the Shaperville massacre in 1960, where the police had open fired against a peacely-demostration, ANC began to use violence. In this time Mandela was wanted, and when he were in other contries, trying to raise money, he were arrested when he came home too South Africa. He was arrestes for strike action. In trial, he met up in the nationalsuit. He got 5 years. When he was in prison, the police found documents aginst Mandela, and after one year in prison, he was again in trial for sabotage. Everybody thought he was going to get the dead punishment. But under the trial, he hold a speak that made the people keep beliving. In his speak he told the world known "If it requires, I will die for this matter:" He got livetime at Robben Island. He worked as a chalkworker in 13 years. Not many knows that they did not wasted their time on the island. They took turns, without books, making lessons for eachother and then debate about for days. In last the 80's the worlds people wanted Mandela free, they made the song "Free, free, Free Nelson Mandela" and a lot of demostrations. In 1990 Nelson Mandela was released, after 27 years in prison. When the whiterule stop, the black was fighting against eachother. But after a lot of negotiation, there was an election in 1994, and Nelson Mandela was president. 

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