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For about fifty years ago, Martin Luther King had a dream about an America where men and women would be judged, not on the colour of their skin but on the content of their character.
20. januar 2009
that dreams comes true. barack-obama.jpg

After centuries with only white presidents, a new black leader is elected, and the struggle for the end of racism, seems brighter indeed. Barack Hussein Obama stands up for change and global optimism and is nearly fulfilling the once impossible dream. 

To measure fully the historical archievements of Obama's victory, it is worth recalling what America looked like the year of his birth, in 1961.
At that time, the segregation of races were so horrifying and unbelieveable. Black people was born in segregated hospitals, educated in segregated school systems, and buried in segregated graves. Black peoples could live a whole life, being suppressed in all aspects of life. 
Up to 1950 there was still laws that demanded segregation between black and whites, and a huge (stigning) in race-relatet violence. 
Under president Jack Kennedy in 1961, there were made extremely few improvements to black peoples, and anything that had to do with politic. The most valued african-american man in The White House, at that time was a man called George Thomas. And his only job was to lay out clothes in the morning! 

So black peoples rights has taken a giant leap, when representing Obama as president. But what is noteworthy is that he hasn't spoken much about the struggle for black equality. If you're going through speeches you wouldn't find much mentioning of the civil rights era.
And here Obama figured out a important paradox; 
To become a history-defying candidate, he has been something of a history-denying figure. 

Obama introduced a technically perfect ground campaign. With a combination of expertise and a huge amount of money,  he did a campaign that lead him the whole way to the most powerful job in the world. 
For the first time ever in American history, the federal fundings was rejected and the financial limits that followed. 
The money contribution in the election campaign is structured as followed: Every president candidate have the right to recieve a huge federal funding from the state. The downside of recieving this funding is, that you will not be able to get private donations. So if you accept this funding, there is a limit in how much money you can earn, to spend on the campaign.

And Barack Obama got A LOT of money from private fundings. Getting people to donate via an innovative internet fundraising system. About 3 million donaters donated about 650 million dollars! Thats more than both presidents from 2004's amount of money combined.

So with all of these donations, he had even more money for online-ads, that showed up to be impressively effective. With advertisements, he gained donations and followers,  along with that he got volunteers, that helped a whole nation free itself from chains bound by racism and suppression, so it could stand strong for worldwide change.
Worldwide change. What's up with that? Wasn't all of this going on in the U.S.A.? Yes it was.
But with such a huge nation, also comes huge influence to the rest of the world. And America can be proud, even though the fight for equality was long and cruel(and still is) , to brilliate as shiny inspiration to other nations that has not accepted nor considered the opposite race, as equal in politics and life.


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