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'Ey People :'D

How are you? x'D

First, look at my honey's website; www.freewebsite.dk/nikkisbigworld 

I'm Sara, but just call me Kuki xD I'm 14 years and I'm from Denmark, Oo'
I like music, and it's all kind of music, mostely. all from Rap/hiphop - pop, and so on.
I'm single, and so what? :D I go on "Rinkenæs Efterskole", and thats ca. 10minutes from Germany :D

I'll try to update my blog every sunday, so you know what my whole week was going with :D

I'm a random person - all time :D I say what i mean, and if you can't take it, I really dont think it's a good idea too write with me or just argue with me!

Some bands/singers I like;
Tokio Hotel, Cinema Bizarre (at that time), Michael Jackson, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Black Veil Brides, Green Day, Suspekt(DK), Niarn(DK), Jeppe Rapp(DK), alkoori(DK)

I'll gonna have some Fanfictions on this site, and they will come in some bites of chaps, It's gonna bee from my old website, so I think 2-3 chaps every time, until I've wrote some more :D

My fanfic uodate;

- The dreams come true (more soon)
- I Came to party (having a long break)
- The last goodbye (having a break)
- It's hard to say (gone)


But that's all for know, write to me if you wanna know some randoms thing more :D
Leave me a message in my guestbook

xoxo Kuki

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