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Yo peopz!XD

This page is about meee (Yuzuki) XD
and it will be random facts and stuff like that :3

First of all, my real name isen't Yusuki, it's something i won't tell you O.o
Becuz i hate my name T.T *cry cry* so you shall call me Yuzuki XD my other nicknames is Jun and Baka-san XD
Im 15 years old and im addictive to my computer Oliver hjerte.png and anime :D
My favourite animes is fullmetal alchemist, kateikyoshi hitman reborn, naruto and elfen lied :b

My favourite bands is Three days grace, breaking benjamin and The GazettE^^
i like saying random things there dosen't make any sense and i was born retarded :DD
Deal with it!XD

My closest friends are Akira-chan, Pus, Tazz, Christina and Kiri :D hjerte.png

More will come later tongue.gif
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